Turkish rocket broccoli production polyculture

Climate information
Hardiness zone: 
Hardiness Zone 5
Full Sun
Medium moisture (Mesic)
Soil pH: 
Garden (pH = 6.1 - 7.0)
Design information
Designed or wild: 
Intended layer: 
Intended successional horizon: 
Nitrogen Fixer
Ground Cover
Edible Greens, Stalks, or Shoots
Edible Other (Flowers, Pods, Seeds, Twigs, etc.)
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We really like Turkish rocket, but it tends to be a bit large for most companions. Also digging anywhere near it breaks roots and makes new plants pop up. So we reworked a bed to give it a proper home.

We planted out the Turkish rockets at 3' spacing, in a row down the middle of a 3' wide bed. Then we planted Astragalus glycyphyllos between them. That's another tricky plant for us, as it is quite rambunctious, yet it leaves an empty spot over the crown in summer. This way the Turkish rockets will cover that gap by mid summer, and the Astragalus can do what it wants and fix nitrogen. Excess Astragalus foliage that grows in to the path (and there should be a fair amount) will be cut and fed to chickens or used as mulch under the Turkish rockets.

We may also put in some coppiced nitrogen fixing shrubs behind the Turkish rockets for additional nitrogen. We really want to see what these things can do with good fertility.


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