Apios Institute Wiki

Why This Wiki?

The Apios Institute's mission is:
  • To share experience and knowledge about perennial crop polyculture systems for all climates,
  • through a collaborative network of farmers, gardeners, and researchers,
  • in order to fill critical knowledge gaps regarding the design and management of these systems.
The apiosinstitute.org website is the main tool through which the organization seeks to achieve this mission. The core of this website is designed as a wiki-like environment where users from around the world can learn about perennial crop polycultures and contribute their own experiences to enrich the site.

How To Use The Wiki

The main navigation for the wiki is on the right hand side of every page in computer screen mode (otherwise each device will show the Navigation at the top, in a linked drop down menu, and page bottom of hand held devices). NOTE: Some navigation will be hidden unless you are signed in.


Species - see the species page for details

Polycultures - see the polyculture page for details

Sites - see the sites page for details (previously called "Edible Forest Garden" page)

Add content - Click on this link to add content


Searching Options

(after logging in to the wiki)

There are two ways to search within the wiki. The main search box is linked in the "Main Menu" bar at the top of the page, and at the top of the "Navigation Bar" of every page. This search will search in all the pages of the entire ApiosInstitute.org website. You will see a "Search results" list, as well as a list of content and characteristic filters on the page

The second way to search is within each Species, Polyculture, and Site page. At the top of each of these pages you'll find search boxes that are specific to each of the column headings, and function as a way to filter the data. For example searching in the "Title search" box on the Species page will only search the genus species Latin names list in the "Title" column.

Wiki Work Trader Options

Apios is offering a work trade option: If you pledge to post some content at least once every three months, you can join for free. Contact us to arrange your work trade option now.