Prosopis cineraria

Saw a great wildlife documentary called "Wildest India". One main regional focus of this was the Thar desert in Northwest India where a tribal group called the Bishnois have a great reverence for this plant. Their efforts to preserve the tree is rooted in their religion and several hundred years ago has brought them into violent conflict with the Maharajah of Jodhpur. The Bishnois have a religious mandate to preserve biodiversity.

In Bahrain there is a 400 year old specimen of the Prosopis cineraria  called the "Tree of life".

Desmanthus illinoensis

This nitrogen fixing plant is shown below in mid summer. As you can see it is in the Mimosa family (Mimosaceae). This native perennial plant is 2-5' tall, which occasionally branches out, and has a ferny appearance grows in the prairie region of North America. This plant has a central taproot, and disperses by reseeding itself.