Caragana arborescens - Siberian pea shrub

Siberian pea shrub

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Siberian Pea Shrub as Poultry Fodder

Do you think that the siberian pea seeds would overwinter and then become softer and more digestable by the chickens?  Does anyone have experience with chickens eating these?

poor success in Holyoke

Has not done well for us, perhaps our hot humid summers are too much for it. Persists but looks terrible and grows poorly.

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

Siberian Pea Shrub

I remember this plant fom my childhood in Finland!

living tellis video

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

coppice plus edible beans

Jerome Osentowski of CRMPI reports that the seeds of pea shrub are used as a dry bean by farmers in Alberta, Canada. Have to be boiled in one change of water.

Photo: load of beans on one of Jerome's pea shrubs:

He also coppices pea shrub very heavily which it responds well to.

Photo: New-planted hawthorn mulched with fresh-cut pea shrub coppice material at Jerome's.


Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

nitrogen fixing shrub

Siberian pea shrub is probably the most common nitrogen fixing shrub grown in New England. You see it quite commonly and never a seedling beneath.

Beans frequently reported as a poultry fodder, but a poultry geek friend of mine reports that chickens cannot digest raw legume seeds.

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

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