The Apios Institute Exists to share experience and knowledge about perennial crop polyculture systems for all climates (variously known as homegardens, food forests, and forest gardens), through a collaborative network of farmers, gardeners, and researchers, in order to fill critical knowledge gaps regarding the design and management of these systems.




Apios Wiki News!

Apios 3.0 Re-Development

We are presently in the midst of a significant Apios Institute Wiki overhaul and can use your help. We are working on (and fundraising for) a long list of improvements to add to the site. These include:

  1. Adding mushrooms and livestock
  2. Making it possible for members to add new species
  3. Making it possible to search for species and polycultures by size, sun and shade, etc.
  4. Adding  all climate types
  5. Adding tags so that we can develop a pattern language of polycultures together!
  6. Making everything much easier and faster to use
  7. Setting up sponsorships that would allow free use of the website
  8. Adding the species matrix from Edible Forest Gardens Volume II as a searchable database
  9. Adding farm management practices like keyline, rainwater harvesting,
  10. and much more...

Please Consider Donating to Our Apios 3.0 Fund

Please use the paypal button below. Any amount of support will be greatly appreciated!


The Edible Forest Gardens wiki is a co-creative space where ou can post photos and stories about perennial plants, polycultures, and forest gardens – and view posts from other edible forest gardeners from cold climates around the world. The wiki is growing quickly, and we'll soon be adding more features to better-categorize your forest gardens and polycultures. We look forward to your contribution.



Why you should be here:

We have experienced the reality that we can meet our human needs while regenerating healthy ecoystem function in our own back/front/side yards. We want to help more people do this all over the world.

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Apios is offering a work trade option: If you pledge to post some content at least once every three months, you can join for free. Click here to arrange your work trade option now.



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