Litchi Tomato

Anybody grown (or growing) Litchi Tomato-- Solanum sisymbriifolium? Sounds like an interesting plant that might be suited to forest garden use. Among its unique attributes is that it apparently contains a compound that repels most insects. Compost tea admixture, anyone? I'm not sure how suited it is to polyculture, but I'm willing to try. Might just pick up some seeds and see if they'll self sow for me here in VT.

Thinking of the incredible number of fruit produced by closely related Horse Nettle (Solanum carolinense) grwoing right in the midst of dense pasture, its not a large leap to wishing they were edible and delicious instead of poisonous. Crossing the two would be an interesting experiment, a useful goal of which might be combining the hardiness and perennial habit of the Horse Nettle with the fruit quality of the Litchi Tomato. I could find no info about this, so apparently we are in uncharted waters.

Maybe a worthwhile addition to the species database? Anyone eaten these or grown them?