Groundnut and Jerusalem Artichoke Placement

First off, let me introduce myself as I am new to this group.  I have a small suburban yard (1/8 acre) in a suburb of Buffalo, NY that I am slowly converting into a edible forest garden.  This past summer, I completed my PDC and have been slowly working on the yard over the last two years. Over 1/2 of the grass is gone so far, and I have incorporated about 30 native perennials along with my annual vegatable beds.

Here is my question:  I am about to receive two new varieties of plants.  I'll soon have 3 Jerusalem Artichoke and two Groundnut.  I am more than a little concerned about the invasiveness of these plants but do not want to be so "over" concerned that I chicken out from planting them.  Could someone ease my mind and assure that with some serious tending, I can keep them under control?  I plan to plant them somewhere in the center of my yard and away from neighboring fences (or is this being too paranoid)?  If planting these varieties is really a concern and I am in over my head, can someone suggest ways to barrier the rhizomes?

Thanks again for any suggestions, and I hope to be able to contribute to this community as my yard progresses,