Advice for a dreamer- west coast


my family and I live in Oakland, California.  We have a small urban lot and are feeling the stress of the city. We want more space and feel like 'unsustainably' is screaming at us wherever we look. We are considering going moving further north, possibly to Oregon.  We think that far north because there is more water there. We want our kids to be able to live (if they want to) there in the future, and feel like the water situation makes this a sensible move. 

Anyway, our family is here Ian California and basically I'm wondering if anyone has any advice as to jumping ship to greener land is a great idea or if staying where you are and making it a better place is better. I can't stress enough how badly I want to set roots in a place that will still be fertile in 60+ years. I'm new to al this and don't know if I'm just going where the grass is greener or making a smart move. Plus it's so expensive here. But buying land and putting a yurt on it is probably harder than it sounds. 

Id love to have some land to nurture and create a food forest, etc. any and all advice is welcome.  

Wed like to stay on the west coast, and really want neighbors. But not ones that spray round up :) I'm thinking this may be hard to find. 

Feeling a little lost and overwhelmed but we have a dream! That's where it starts right? We have 2 smalll children. Thanks!