Persimmony Polyculture 1

This polyculture is built around an "Early Golden" persimmon. Shrubs include "Gerardi Dwarf" mulberry, "Sweet Scarlet" goumi, and jostaberry. Herbaceous species are Russian comfrey, skirret, sea kale, sage, Astragalus glycyphyllos, and more. The soil is compacted clay, with sheet mulch. Everything has grown surprisingly rapidly. It was planted in 2005, these photos are from 2007.

This polyculture was featured in the book Edible Forest Gardens. Some changes were made from the initial design, notable the addition of the mulberry, and a different herbaceous understory composition.




In 2009 we hit full shade in the understory and transferred some species out. We added Asarum canadense, Dentaria diphylla, and Tiarella cordifolia as shade groundcovers. Here are some photos from this polyculture in 2009.

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June 2013

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

persimmon getting big 2012

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

spring 2010 photo

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

video May 2010

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polyculture revisions

Spring 2010 -  We pruned all the woody plants pretty hard to make room to actually get between them on the path for harvest.

We also decided to rework the front of this bed, the part next to our main path. This area had been planted out to sea kale, sage, and skirret. We had needed a full sun, good access location for a Turkish rocket production area, and this became it. I just transplanted out all the plants that were there previously and set out three Turkish rockets. We will be adding some nitrogen fixing companions as well, perhaps Astragalus glycyphyllos and probably some coppiced nitrogen fixing shrubs as well.

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

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