Butternut-Concord Grape

Grown by Steve Breyer at Tripple Brook Farm where both species are native. Butternut was already perhaps 15' tall when Steve planted "Concord" grapes beneath. He reports that both seem to be producing well. Nearby are hardy kiwis growing on a much larger butternut, which appear to be smothering it a fair amount. I think what makes butternut-grape work so well is that the grape, in this case, is not vigorous enough to cause much compeition with the butternut. Now it just needs some cool stuff happening in the understory: perhaps something with hog peanut or tick trefoil to fix nitrogen.

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great outdoor living room

Turning into a nice outdoor living room. Black bamboo is filling in nicely creating a nice feeling of privacy. Grapes are high enough to require a ladder to harvest them but Steve at Tripple Brook practically lives on his harvest ladders this time of year.

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek - www.perennialsolutions.org

photos spring 2010

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek - www.perennialsolutions.org

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