Albizia julibrussin - mimosa

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fantastic flowers

This was apparently Dr. Suess' inspiration for the truffula trees in The Lorax. Theodore Giesel (Dr. Suess) lived just down the road from my house, in Springfield MA.

Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

weedy nitrogen fixing tree

Mimosa is a very lovely tree with a bad reputation because it has naturalized quite successfully around the southeast and mid-Atlantic region.

It has many benefits, however. It fixes nitrogen, coppices very well, and is extremely fast-growing. Our tree here in Massachusetts grows 6' or more every year on every branch. The flowers are the #1 favorite of native ruby-throated hummingbirds - apparently they do not read invasive species lists. Said to have edible young leaves but I think they are terrible. Also very big in Chinese medicine. Outstanding ornamental too.

Where we live it is very rare, does not naturalize. We grow the variety "rosea" which is a bit hardier.


Eric Toensmeier - writer, trainer, plant geek -,

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