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The Apios Institute is a collaborative network of farmers, gardeners, and researchers focused on integrated perennial-crop agroecosystems (variously known as homegardens, food forests, and forest gardens). There are critical knowledge gaps regarding the design and management of these systems. Our website is a crowdsourced research platform for sharing experience and knowledge about perennial crop polyculture systems for all climates.

The Apios Institute is a volunteer-run organization, with all proceeds going directly to the development and upkeep of our Edible Forest Gardens Wiki. If you are a Drupal developer and would like to volunteer and support the wiki, please contact us for more information.

Board of Directors




Jonathan Bates - Treasurer

With a Masters Degree from the Institute for Social Ecology, Jonathan has been thinking and teaching ecologically since 1999. He’s been creating farms and gardens in the CT River Valley for the last ten years, and is a co-designer and inhabitant of an edible forest garden in Holyoke, MA, where he started Food Forest Farm.

Ethan C. Roland - President

Ethan is a permaculture designer, teacher, and researcher practicing regenerative design from New York to Azerbaijan and beyond. He holds a M.Sc. in Collaborative Eco-social Design from Gaia University, and builds resilience for local and global communities through the ecological design firm AppleSeed Permaculture.

Eric Toensmeier - Secretary

Socially engaged plant geek Eric Toensmeier is the award-winning author of Perennial Vegetables and Edible Forest Gardens (with Dave Jacke). Eric brings his encyclopedic plant knowledge and a deep enthusiasm for extensive explorations of all things edible. Eric's work on perennial farming systems and more can be seen at www.perennialsolutions.org.

Mark Angelini - Board Member

Mark is an ecological designer, gardener, forager, and enthusiastic zymologist (fermenter). His work with plants is rooted in the study and practice of regenerative agriculture and land-use through local food and home ecosystems. To learn more about his work with plants check out: Roots to Fruits Ecological Design and Eat Here Now.

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